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Web Platform with Mobile Delivery for Startups and SMEs

This product has been specially designed to offer SMEs and Startups a comprehensive full stack technology solution to deliver their product. You will have a website or need to build one and need mobile apps as part of your product solution. With this product we bring the various elements together, in a technology architecture strategically designed for ensuring growth and scale - because we know as a SME or Startup, that is your number 1 KPI.

Technology: Django, PHP, JavaScript, Swift, Objective-C, Java


Native Android and iOS apps

Mobile apps - produced quickly and on a budget. Whether multi-platform apps or just one platform - with this product we help you strategise, design and develop great mobile apps that your audience will love. Making products that your audience love is our top priority and a KPI that we apply to this product for you.

Technology: Swift, Objective-C, Java


RESTful API and SDK development

So your B2B clients are clambering over themselves to get your tech smarts in their existing digital products... sounds like you need a nifty API or SDK to get selling! In that case, our PlugMeIn product is the one for you. This product packages your core technology into a smart contained unit enabling easy integration by any third party developers. Comes with all third party developer documentation to ensure a smooth integration.

Technology: NodeJS, Django, Flask, Gradle, Pods, Maven


E-commerce mobile and web solutions

You have some great products - now is the time to get them into the hands of your audience, wherever they may be! This product is focused on delivering a high level shopping experience while simplifying the content management system of your online store. We work alongside you to develop the very best user experience, ensuring that shopping cart and checkout completion are optimised for success.

Technology: Django-Oscar, Stripe, Braintree


Infrastructural technology architecture for extreme growth and community size

So suddenly the world has heard about your products and wants them on mass! Our product ScaleUp looks specifically at taking a technology platform from a few thousand users into the millions. We apply our expertise and strategic thinking to your specific project needs, ensuring that your platform will remain robust as you shoot for the stars.

Technology: AWS, CDNs


Whatever tech you need - we can sort it.

Let us know your exact technology development requirements and we will build a package to suit you. Projects big or small, monthly support on retainer or simply jumping in for a project or two. Our solutions are as unique as the projects you put in front of us. Get in touch, and let us know how we can help.
Either we do it from scratch or we use your existing code base...

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