Luka founded and holds the role of CEO of Equaleyes, a digital agency based across London, UK and Maribor, Slovenia. Equaleyes builds mobile and web digital products - developing, managing and successfully maintaining technology with millions of monthly users.

Luka's approach to business is simple but strong. He counts client success and the employee happiness as the two metrics he is most passionate about. And the numbers speak for themselves. By providing high-quality service and deeply caring for Equaleyes clients and employees, Equaleyes been able to grow an amazing 10x in revenue from 2014 - 2017, while having low employee and client turnaround.

Luka is constantly striving to keep in tension the best price Equaleyes can offer their clients and the value we can then provide. Once someone becomes part of the Equaleyes family either as a client, a partner or an employee - they know they can always count on Equaleyes. Equaleyes will have your back.

Luka's background is within the technical and business arenas. He holds a Master's degree in computer science and was placed within Telefonica's corporate business accelerator programme Wayra for his first company alongside his co-founders. He has also previously co-founded and exited a startup called Equaleyes Accessibility. He also holds multiple awards for his contributions and involvement in world-class hackathons over the years, the detail of which can be found listed below.

Committed to providing value wherever he can, Luka works as a business advisor, provides introductions to his network or seeks to contribute with products that he leads.

Luka is a regular on the European mentoring circuit, and has become a mentor to several fledgeling startups. He is a frequent speaker at business and technology events throughout Europe.

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