Mobile development for Mind Candy Ltd.


Mind Candy needed to quickly find a partner.

Mind Candy, a British entertainment company, was looking for native iOS development support for their Moshi Twilight app. Moshi Twilight is the latest product from the global kids entertainment sensation Moshi Monsters. The app plays audio stories and relaxations with music that help kids fall asleep quickly, improving the bedtime experience both for children and their parents.

Mind Candy needed to quickly find a reliable and professional development partner given that their app was due to be released on app stores within a very short period of time. They were looking for someone who would be able to jump on-board quickly and work hands-on with their team to create and complete a build for launch, and then work on-going to continually add features and functionality to improve the product.

Our Solution.

No.1 Trending Family App on Google Play.

We plugged the gap in their native iOS development resources and our collaboration resulted in the successful delivery and publishing of the Moshi Twilight app - on time and on budget. The app has since been featured heavily on the App Store and has been the No.1 Trending Family App on Google Play.


Moshi won many awards

Press and media.

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